Our relationships with brand partners allow us to provide customers with top-of-the-line life safety and security products. From infant protection and wander management to electronic access control and emergency call systems, we are able to deliver solutions for all facets of facility management as well as resident and patient security.

Alerting Devices


Communications between staff as well as mass notifications (whether event-triggered or campaign-triggered) to outside members are made easy and more efficient through the products NEPPS carries. You can streamline communications for desktop alerts, mobile dashboards, smartphones, landlines, pagers, two-way radios, public address systems, emails, LED wallboards and more.

  • Aiphone
  • Kenwood Radios
  • Sure Response Radios
  • Waveware Pagers

Door Locks


For those who need more than a standard lock and key, NEPPS offers solutions that provide you with an extra level of security, control, and peace of mind. Easy to install and affordable for smaller businesses, the following options are ideal for many applications, including multi-family units, assisted living and nursing homes, medical office buildings, educational institutions and more.

  • Delayed Egress Magnetic Locks
  • Stanley EL Series Electronic Lock
  • Stanley Magnetic Door Locks

Access Control


Controlling access to your organization, your people, and your equipment is paramount to protecting your most valuable assets. NEPPS offers a variety of access control solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your facility regarding access management of patients/residents, guests, employees, and contractors, including door controllers and a variety of readers, cards, and key fobs.

  • Adveez Access Control
  • Avigilon Access Control
  • RBH Axiom Access Control
  • RBH Integra Access Control
  • Yale Accentra Real Living Access Control w/ Cloud Based Software

Emergency Alerting Systems


Improve safety and efficiency community wide with emergency call solutions, including wireless and hard-wired nurse call systems with multiple call point options, such as, portable pendants, call stations for resident rooms, bathrooms and common areas.

In emergency situations, up-to-date information is key to keeping everyone safe. Whether a natural disaster, intruder alerts, or evacuation procedures, the use of emergency call systems ensures pertinent information is delivered automatically in as many ways as possible to those most likely to be affected.

  • Critical Alert Hard Wired System
  • Stanley Arial Wireless

Fall Monitoring


To speed emergency alerting and response, mobile duress technology in the form of personal panic buttons has been widely used in high-risk environments. Once a pendant/panic button is activated, alerts immediately go to the appropriate responders – those on and/or off site – according to preprogrammed alerting protocols and escalation paths. With real-time alerts delivered to the right people, who can take immediate action to find the individual in need of help.

  • Stanley Bed & Chair Pads
  • Stanley Fall Monitoring System

Infant Security


Protect against infant abduction, mother/infant mismatches, and pediatric wandering to provide peace of mind to staff and patient family members. Patients wear bracelet tags that are electronically monitored to either alert when leaving the designated zone, or to electronically match mother and infant tags.

  • Stanley Hugs - The #1 infant protection solution, protecting more than 1.5 million infants every year.
  • Stanley Kisses
  • Stanley Pedz

Resident Locating


Residents are easily monitored through personalized protection and access controls based on their unique needs, reducing the risk of wandering or flight, and providing peace of mind to residents, family, and staff.

  • Adveez
  • Stanley Arial
  • Stanley RoamAlert
  • Stanley WanderGuard Blue

Environmental Monitoring


Make it easy to track, manage, alert, integrate and visualize your internal systems with consolidated event management platform applications, transforming real time information about patients/residents, staff and assets into visual dashboards. Risk management dashboard solutions allow users to easily access information for better decision making, response time and planning for future performance optimization, while remaining flexible and scalable with add on applications such as; environmental monitoring, mass notification, wander management, fixed and mobile duress solutions.

  • Stanley MobileView Analytics
  • Stanley Arial System

Asset Management and Tracking


Asset Management solution is a cost-effective way to continuously monitor and proactively manage the location, status and condition of all assets across the enterprise in real-time. This system allows you to automate the manual process to manage capital and rental equipment while using powerful visual analystices to gain access to entirely new levels of operational insights for immediate action, historical views and trend analysis. This automated, wireless solution increases operational efficiency, enhances staff productivity and improves patient safety—all while avoiding unnecessary costs.

  • Stanley Asset Management Solution

CCTV & Cameras


The following video management hardware and software solutions cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for more sensitive environments, and offer a wide range of capabilities, including HDTV, wide dynamic range, panoramic views and more.

  • Avigilon Video Surveillance
  • Axis Video Surveillance
  • Honeywell MaxPro Cloud
  • Honeywell MaxPro Video Recorder
  • Honeywell Analog & IP Cameras

Wander Management Systems


Residents deemed at risk of wandering can be easily monitored through personalized protection and access control based on their needs, reducing the risk of wandering or flight and providing peace of mind to residents, family and staff. With the applications below, residents wear a small and discreet bracelet that can be used within a single building or throughout an entire campus.

  • Adveez Wander Management
  • Stanley Arial
  • Stanley Passport
  • Stanley RoamAlert
  • Stanley WanderGuard Blue