Healthcare facilities today face an increasing amount of challenges in regard to balancing productivity and patient safety. Government and accreditation standards continue to evolve and the demands required continue to escalate, which can create issues for hospitals and other healthcare facilities that do not have the proper equipment. Northeast Protection Partners provides the most advanced life safety, security, communications and management solutions.


  • Infant Protection
    • Hugs
      The threat of infant abduction from healthcare facilities is a major concern. Hospitals, once allowing open friendly access, are now forced to increase security and limit public access, including birthing and pediatric units. New developments in the art of infant protection systems provide for a safer and secure environment. Installation of an Infant Protection system will enable caregivers and parents to have complete confidence against such threats.
    • Kisses
      Part of the Hugs system, the Kisses compact tag operates in the same way as the previous, larger mother tag. Each mother is given a Kisses wrist tag that is bonded with her infant's Hugs tag at birth. From that point forward, the tags remain bonded throughout the hospital stay. Whenever a baby is brought to a mother, the Hugs tag will check for the right match and will generate an audible alarm, and sends a message to the system, if the match is incorrect.

      Benefits: Automatic match indication with an audible alert when a mismatch occurs; Not restrictive to few locations, but rather wide area coverage within the hugs system; Compatible with existing Hugs system, with the addition of a software license, kisses tags and appropriate bands; Waterproof and hypo-allergenic, like the Hugs tag, the Kisses tag is patient friendly; Tags are reusable and do not come in pre-matched sets; Tags support multiple births, no extra steps required
  • Pediatric Protection
    • Pedz
      The STANLEY Healthcare Pediatric Security solution is the only system specifically designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction and patient flight. A unique patient tag designed for older children is matched by multiple software options to facilitate smooth patient transfers and customizable security based on each patient's risk profile.

      Benefits: Re-attachable band for easy transport; Automatic re-enroll feature; Easy patient tracking and locating; Personalize protection according to age and risk profile of each patient
  • Patient Protection/Wander Management
    • Passport
      Individual Protection for Patients Against Elopement and Wandering. The STANLEY Healthcare Patient Security solution provides individual protection to adult patients at risk of elopement or wandering. A unique patient tag is matched by multiple software options to facilitate smooth patient transfers and customizable security based on each patient's risk profile.

      Benefits: Re-attachable band for easy transport; Automatic re-enroll feature; Easy patient tracking and locating; Personalize protection according to age and risk profile of each patient
  • Staff Protection
    • AeroScout®
      The AeroScout® Staff Protection solution provides healthcare workers with a portable means to call for help for themselves, colleagues or patients from anywhere in the hospital. Designed as a mission-critical enterprise system, the AeroScout solution helps create an atmosphere of safety for workers while enabling hospitals to reduce risk and financial exposure associated with workplace violence. AeroScout uses Wi-Fi based wireless technology to protect staff members in high-risk areas such as the ED, with the ability to locate staff anywhere in the hospital. Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi tag, typically worn attached to their hospital ID badge.

      Benefits: 24/7 protection for staff hospital-wide using existing infastructure; Reduced exposure to adverse events and better staff relations; Peace of mind and increased job satisfaction for staff


  • Nurse Call/Emergency Call Systems
    • Critical Alert - Wired
      Integrating into Single Source creates flexible, highly reliable & secure nurse call systems for hospitals and health care organizations. At the center of the offering is CommonPath, an innovative software application that integrates critical messaging, clinical workflows, real-time location, hardware components and reporting into a single-source solution.

      Benefits: Real-time and historic at-a-glance insight into system functionality & staffing performance metrics by facility, unit or organizational levels; Software-based nurse call translates to more flexibility, less costly integrations, higher reliability and easier to scale solutions; Reporting & forensic auditing package helps nurse executives improve performance, better align staff and enhance accountability


  • Access Control – Electronic
    • Avigilon Access Control
      Flexibility and performance
      Access control from Avigilon starts with a platform that can scale to the needs and ever-changing environment of your business. Our solutions range from entry-level to enterprise systems that provide the flexibility and performance you expect from a technology-driven security company.

      Ease of use
      All Avigilon access control systems are 100% browser-based and require no software installation, delivering a ready-to-deploy solution that saves you time.
      Our access systems are comprised of two offerings that will cover most market needs: an enterprise system, Access Control Manager (ACM)™, and an entry-level system, ACM Embedded Controller.™
    • RBH Access Control
      Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. Whether it's securing access to the site or controling access to buildings and elevators, once on site security issues can arise almost anywhere. Regarding security features such as Access Control, Elevator Control and Photo ID, Northeast harnesses RBH to meet your security management nees easily and economically with minimal training.
    • Adveez Access Control
      Adveez system offers hands-free access control with wireless door controllers for the simplest system interaction. Whether you are contemplating a new system, system upgrade, expansion or just the addition of access doors, this system is full expandable and can grow with your needs.

      Benefits: Quick deployment with out-of-the-box for both hardware and software; Enable customization and integration with other products; 100% hands-free tags; Locate staff quickly on a facility map with Last Location feature; Precise detection range 0-12ft, adjustable; No software license fees
  • Communication
    • Kenwood Radios
      Kenwood two-way radios are an ideal solution for reliable business communications in many industries, including construction, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and warehousing. Kenwood has a variety of radios to fit your needs, from the smallest pocket size 4 channel, 1.5 watt radio to 16 channel, 5 watt digital radio, offering both analog and digital modes to allow your facility a cost effective transition from a legacy system to advanced digital technology.

      Benefits: 20% more effective coverage than analog; Low noise for superior clarity; Inherent secured voice, Durable, yet compact and light; Easy to operate; High-powered audio delivery; Up to 22 hours use per battery charge w/battery save on
    • Waveware Pagers
      Enhance Mobile Alert Responses within your facility - automatically manage and transmit Active Alerts to industry standard on-site POCSAG Pagers (no monthly fees), as well as monitor Nurse Call Systems, including Inovonics and Bluetooth LE Wireless Sensor Signals.

      Benefits: Radio Text Paging - Smart Phone Messaging - Browser Messaging - Email Messaging - Wireless Call Systems; VOIP Solutions; Fire Alarm Monitoring Panels; Alarm Contact Monitoring Systems
  • Intercom Systems
    • Aiphone
      Talk with staff, patients, residents and visitors throughout your facility using Aiphones communication intercoms. Restrict access to entrances and authorized areas using an entry security intercom. Aiphone intercoms provide an extra layer of security by enabling two-way communication on your property. Aiphone intercom systems are known as one of the most reliable systems of communication in the world. You can choose either audio or audio with video intercom systems.
  • Video Surveillance
    • Honeywell MaxPro NVR and Video Surveillance
      Utilizing Honeywell's high definition cameras, MAXPRO NVR is a powerful, high definition IP recording system and viewing client for small to medium size installations. MAXPRO NVR is an open platform and supports broad third party device integrations with support for PSIA and ONVIF (including Profile S devices), real time streaming protocol (RTSP) standard and native device integrations including 360° camera support. MAXPRO NVR provides easy to use desktop clients, web client and mobile apps. Video Surround feature provides the ability to track subjects of interest as they move between areas covered by adjacent cameras by simply double-clicking on the panel where the subject is currently visible.
    • Avigilon Video Surveillance
      Avigilon designs and manufactures innovative, high-definition surveillance solutions featuring self-learning video analytics to protect and monitor diverse locations with exceptional image clarity for critical infrastructure. When utilized with megapixel cameras superior image quality is delivered with broad coverage and detailed focus to quickly respond to events. Avigilon solutions allow for customization and scalability for a cost effective surveillance solution that can work as a stand-alone system or with your existing system(s) to enhance current capabilities.
    • Axis Video Products
      Axis offers a wide portfolio of IP-based products and solutions for security and video surveillance. Security cameras, video encoders, accessories and access control products are based on open industry standards.


  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Stanley MobileView
      Leverage the hospital's existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide enterprise visibility of all temperature and humidity control devices and rooms. This wireless solution enables hospitals and clinics to improve patient safety, facilitate regulatory compliance, increase staff efficiency and productivity —all while avoiding unnecessary costs. Costs such as replacement costs from spoilage, labor costs from daily monitoring temperture levels and noncompliance fines assessed by regulatory agencies.

      Benefits: High Efficiency and Complete Solution for monitoring room-temperature storage; Automated monitoring & real time data to customize events to provide proactive operational alerts and notifications; Analytics & reporting tools to transform real-time information into visual dashboards; Reduce risk of healthcare-associated infections by monitoring humidity levels to reduce risk of bacterial infections in scopes and other equipment; Fights flood risk with sensors to detect moisture levels
  • Mobile Duress
    • Stanley MobileView
      Provides an effective way to immediately notify users when an alert occurs. The application automatically pops-up a window that displays important information about the event, including its current location on a map, status and an identifying image (such as an icon or photo). It also includes configurable message output, rules-based processing and optional audible alarms.
  • Supply Chain & Asset Management
    • Stanley MobileView
      Hospital asset management is a constant challenge for materials managers, clinical engineers, nurses, distribution and transport services. Hundreds of hours per year are spent inventorying and searching for equipment. Asset Management is a cost-effective way to continuously monitor and proactively manage the location, status and condition of all assets across the enterprise in real-time.

      Benefits: Leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure; Enables rapid deployment with low total cost of ownership; Improves asset utilization and purchase management; Increases staff efficiency by automating equipment searches; Improves decision making and material management workflow through visual analytics; Reduces theft and loss through real-time asset tracking and alerting; Improves quality of care due to improved equipment availability